Deconstructing a Village

Deconstructing a Village


By Jessica Knutson, SGC Horizon

Building homes in a parking lot of a convention center is an impressive undertaking. For the 2023 International Builders’ Show, we constructed FIVE incredible houses inside Pro Builder Show Village, an extraordinary example of teamwork by everyone involved.

Construction began a week prior to IBS. Temporary foundations were set, the houses were unwrapped, and cranes carefully placed the units. To see more of the unloading and construction process, check out these videos of the Boxabl Unpacking and Home Setting Process by Genesis Homes.

What’s more remarkable than the assembly of five homes at Show Village? Their disassembly, of course! It took a year of planning (no blood, but definitely sweat and maybe a few tears) but a mere 48 hours to deconstruct the houses featured in Show Village.

That’s right: deconstruct. We couldn’t justifiably demolish these beautiful homes (that would be insane, not to mention wasteful), so each home was disassembled (or packed, as is the case with Boxabl), put back onto a truck or flatbed, and driven off into the Vegas sunset.   

But even that’s not the end of the story for these homes. What happens next?

Boxabl’s new Casita model is heading back to one of their factories in North Las Vegas for consumers, investors, and fans of the  brand to fully experience it in person. There are 150,000 names on Boxabl’s waitlist to buy this home, and if you’d like to add your name, the selling price is $60,000.


Impresa Building System’s Carolina Cottage sold and is on its way to Seneca, South Carolina. The base sales price for the home is in the upper $100s, including delivery and setting the modules. Onsite completion is an additional cost.


The Genesis Home by Champion Home Builders also sold and is on its way to a private property in southern Nevada. The ADU hasn't sold yet, but is available to be transported anywhere in the southwest.


That’s a wrap on the show for 2023. We’re looking forward to a special show next year - stay tuned for details on our 30th anniversary!